The University of Maryland, College Park, April 14-16, 2017


Terms and Conditions

  • Students, faculty, and staff must bring properly dated documentation of current status to receive on-site discounts or validate pre-registration.
  • The Terrapin Tango Festival has the right to deny entry to any participant deemed a danger to the safety, physical or otherwise, of other participants.
  • By purchasing or accepting entry into any event held by the Terrapin Tango Festival you accept all risk incurred by the activities at said events.
  • The Terrapin Tango Festival has the right to make judgement on the eligibility of any individual for any discount to their entry fee, including -but not limited to- student discounts. If discounts are deemed inapplicable on pre-registration, the additional charges will be due immediately plus a 5% surcharge.

Privacy statement

  • Registration and attendance implies your consent and that of accompanying partners to appear in images, audio and or video recorded at the Festival premises.
  • If you choose to register, you understand that future Terrapin Tango Festival publicity materials, including, but not limited to, its Web site, may include statements made by participants and/or their photographs, film or video images and voices.
  • Choosing to register implies your consent to the University of Maryland, without any right or privilege to preview, edit or receive payment, free use of any statements, photographs, likenesses, film or video images and voices in any medium, including those obtained at the Terrapin Tango Festival from yourself or any other participant, to reproduce, publicly display, distribute, modify, edit, and make derivative works in connection with efforts to market, promote, inform, and/or educate others about opportunities, experiences, and services that Terrapin Tango Festival organizers deem appropriate.
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À la carte



Students (General and UMD) must show a valid ID when checking in at registration

Schedule Changes

Refund Policy

Refunds incur a cancellation fee, of variable amount as per request date:

Date of Refund Request Cancellation fee Grace Period
On or before March 17 5.00% 48hrs
March 18 - 31 10.00% 48hrs
April 1 - April 4 20.00% 24hrs
After April 4 No refunds No grace period

-Before April 1st, a 48-hour grace period is provided after the time of purchase, during which full refunds (minus a transaction fee) will be processed.

-After April 1st, this period reduces to 24hrs.

-Grace periods are not applicable after April 4th.

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